The Vienna Prater is a large container of excitement in which you will find a Ferris wheel with vintage charm and 250 other attractions.

No holiday in Vienna would be complete without a ride on Europe’s most famous Ferris wheel, the romantic Prater Riesenrad, which towers into the Vienna sky as one of the city’s symbols.

The old-world charm that makes the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel so special permeates the entire Prater, which is known as the oldest amusement park in the world. In reality, however, the famous amusement park is only a portion of the Prater, known as the Wurstelprater, while the remaining area is occupied by an enormous green space.

In addition to the Ferris wheel, merry-go-rounds and gardens, the Prater contains numerous bars and restaurants, two museums, a planetarium, a puppet theatre, a discotheque, a bathing establishment… the park is so large that you can take a little train ride or a guided tour!

Include in your travel plans to spend at least an afternoon here: it is a magical place suitable for adults and children that can give you endless emotions.

Any examples of the wonders that await you at the Prater? Well, you can stand in awe as you admire Vienna from the top of the Ferris wheel, take a nostalgic trip back in time to the days of fairs and carnival rides, anticipate the future in one of the newer attractions, relax on a fascinating walk along the river, experience the thrill of riding the horror trains, sleep in the Hotel Psycho or relive the life of Jack the Ripper. After so much excitement, stick around for a typical Viennese dinner and a good blond beer.

The Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel

The Prater’s most famous attraction is undoubtedly the Wiener Riesenrad: Vienna’s giant Ferris wheel is one of the symbols of the city.

Built in 1897 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Emperor Franz Joseph’s (Sissi’s husband) accession to the throne and rebuilt in 1945, it soon became an irreplaceable part of Vienna’s cityscape and identity.

Why go on the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel

What makes it so special? The Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel retains the romantic charm of an ingenious late-19th-century creation, with its mighty iron structures reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and wagons made of wood, like the 19th-century originals.

Passenger comfort, however, is all modern, provided by large windows, heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.

Used throughout its history for the adrenaline-fuelled circus performance of Madame Solange d’Atalide, for a risky social protest and as a film set for numerous Hollywood productions (including a James Bond film), the wheel remains in the collective imagination the best belvedere in Vienna.

Unparalleled is the spectacular panoramic view of the Danube and the city that can be enjoyed from its 65-metre height. Splendid by day, magical at night.

The Giant Ferris Wheel in numbers

Panorama – the wheel of time

The magic begins even before you get on the Giant Ferris Wheel: at the entrance to the wheel, you can peek inside eight original wagons in which evocative installations have been placed to show you what the Prater looked like in different historical eras.

The Panorama-The Wheel of Time exhibition, which is included in the Ferris wheel ticket, is a fairytale journey through 2000 years of Viennese history.

Dinner on the Giant Ferris Wheel

Has the time in your life come to treat yourself to a luxury? Then treat yourself to something really special: for a decidedly not cheap price, you can reserve individual wagons for romantic candlelight dinners 65 metres above the ground, with a spectacular view of the illuminated city at night stretching out below you.

Carriages can also be booked for breakfasts, brunches, corporate events and weddings.

Other Prater attractions

Don’t limit yourself to the Ferris wheel: the Prater has more than 250 attractions, including traditional rides such as roller coasters, horror trains and shooting galleries and other ultra-modern rides for young and old.

Here are some attractions not to be missed in the Prater:

The Green Prater

Although for many tourists it is essentially synonymous with a Ferris wheel or at most an amusement park, the Prater is for many Viennese above all a beautiful, huge green area with a 4.5 km long main avenue.

Follow the example of the locals and explore the green Prater on foot, by bike, boat or on horseback: you will discover a vast expanse of meadows, forests and river paths along the Danube.

When to go to the Prater and how much it costs

The Prater park is open 7 days a week; some attractions close from October to March, but the most famous ones – including the famous Ferris wheel – remain open during the winter months.

The opening hours of the Giant Ferris Wheel vary depending on the season, but it is always open until evening and in the summer months until almost midnight; on New Year’s Eve it stays open until 2am.

You do not have to pay an entrance fee to enter the Prater, you pay for tickets for the individual attractions. The price of the rides is generally low, between 1.50 and 5 euros depending on the attraction, while the Ferris wheel costs more.

How to save on a Ferris wheel ticket

The Giant Ferris Wheel is one of the attractions included in the Vienna Card, the official tourist card of the city of Vienna. Available for 1, 2 or 3 days, it allows free or discounted admission to over 200 attractions, unlimited use of public transport, discounts in shops, restaurants and tours.

Where to eat in the Prater

Are you hungry between rides? Would you like to end your visit to the Prater with a succulent dinner? Whether you are in the mood for a simple snack or a sophisticated meal, you will find what you are looking for in the Prater.

The gastronomic offerings in the Prater are wide-ranging: scattered around the park you will find kiosks selling the typical Viennese hot sausage ‘Haße’ or frankfurter sandwiches, lively cafés with open-air gardens offering music and dancing, elegant cafés and restaurants mentioned in the best gourmet guides.

A true institution in the Prater is Schweizerhaus: open from March to October, it is one of Vienna’s most famous beer gardens, with a huge garden divided into smaller areas named after Viennese districts.

At this historic venue, you can sample energetic meat dishes washed down with mugs of frothy blond beer in a convivial atmosphere; the house special is Schweinsstelzen, a pork dish.

For an amazing experience eat at the Rollercoster Restaurant, where dishes are served at the table via a rollercoaster and cocktails prepared by robots. To make it even more futuristic, spectacular light effects have been added.

How to get to the Prater

The Prater is located in the Leopoldstadt, Vienna’s second district, and is easily reached by underground trains U1 and U2, stop Praterstern. You can also take the city trains S1-S3, S7, S15 Wien Nord, tram and bus.

If you have rented a car, you can park it in one of the free or paid car parks around the park.

Useful information


1020 Vienna, Austria


TEL: +43 1 7292000


Metro stops

  • Messe - Prater (371 mt)

Bus stops

  • Kurzbauergasse (457 mt)
  • Vivariumstrasse (540 mt)

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Vienna: Public Transport City Card and Attraction Discounts
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