Naschmarkt, Vienna's most famous market, is a mix of cultures, colours, flavours. Visit it to do some shopping, eat and have fun in the evening.

If the Christmas markets embody the traditional and romantic soul of Vienna, the colourful Naschmarkt is its more modern and cosmopolitan expression.

In what is undoubtedly Vienna’s most famous market, you will find a melting pot of cultures, scents, flavours and ethnicities, starting with the traders: in the more than 120 Naschmarkt businesses, including stalls and cafés, you will be served by old ladies in traditional costumes as well as young hipsters with manicured beards.

The clientele, too, is an eclectic mix, made up of young locals, Erasmus students, radical chic, urban hippies, family mums, seniors, couples and tourists in search of a more authentic Vienna.

Take a morning to browse the stalls, possibly coming on a Saturday because the weekly market is supplemented by a famous Flea Market.

To fully savour the atmosphere of the Naschmarkt, stop for lunch at one of its cafés offering typical Austrian and international specialities. You can choose from modern eateries that also offer free wifi, cafés and ethnic bars, unpretentious kiosks and renowned fish restaurants.

When to go to the Naschmarkt

The Naschmarkt stalls are open from Monday to Saturday, from early morning until late afternoon. On Saturdays they close an hour earlier.

Bars and restaurants are also open in the evenings.

What to buy at the Naschmarkt

The Naschmarkt is not a specialised market, so you can buy a little bit of everything. At times it looks like an incredibly neat oriental bazaar, with uniformly styled stalls selling spices, Indian textiles, Middle Eastern food specialities and some exotic ingredients that are hard to find elsewhere.

An entire area is dedicated to groceries: meat, fruit, vegetables, wine, cheese, olives; you can buy fresh produce and some rarities, such as special fruit or vegetable vinegars. Also on sale at the market are flowers and plants, clothing, accessories and jewellery

What to eat at the Naschmarkt

If you’re browsing the stalls and feel hungry or if it’s time for a coffee break, you’ve come to the right place! The Naschmarkt is one of the best areas in Vienna to eat: inside the market you will find a huge variety of places where you can eat quality food at reasonable prices.

You can choose to eat typical Austrian dishes such as wiener schnitzel or try ethnic Asian and Middle Eastern specialities; if you just want a snack, browse the menus of the cafés to see if there is something you like.

Within the market there is also an area entirely dedicated to fish and here you can find some of the best fish restaurants in the city, such as Umar, Nautilus and Fischviertel.

Two of the market’s historic venues are Café Do-An and Naschmarkt Deli, which have made the Naschmarkt a success among young people.

Café Do is a cheerful café with outdoor tables serving a varied menu including Turkish, continental and exotic specialities.

Naschmarkt Deli is perfect during the day for a quick coffee, a snack or a succulent meal inspired by Asian cuisine, while in the evenings it becomes a popular hangout for young Viennese, loved for its unique atmosphere and legendary DJ sets.

Other Naschmarkt venues to try are:

The flea market at Naschmarkt

The best day to see the Naschmarkt at the height of its vibrancy is Saturday, when the 120 daily stalls are joined by hundreds of second-hand goods set up by amateur sellers and professional junk dealers.

Flohmarkt, Naschmarkt’s flea market is an institution in Vienna, visited by antique enthusiasts and the merely curious alike: it’s fun to take a look at the merchandise on display, ranging from the most useless knick-knacks to collectible antiques.

How to get to the Naschmarkt

The easiest way to get to the Naschmarkt is to take the underground; recommended stops are Kettenbrückengasse (line U4) and Karlsplatz (lines U1, U2, U4).

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Naschmarkt, Wien, Austria


Bus stops

  • Pressgasse (189 mt)

Where is located Naschmarkt

The Naschmarkt occupies a 500-metre long area stretching from the Kettenbrückengasse underground station to the Karlsplatz station, with the Ringstrasse just a stone's throw away. The only street that cuts across the market is Schleifmühlgasse.

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