Linz is a dynamic city with an eye on the future: come and discover the beauty and originality of the capital of Upper Austria.
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Despite being an ancient city with a charming old town, Linz may not boast the regal charm of cities like Vienna and Salzburg, but it is a valuable addition to an Austrian travel itinerary or the ideal destination for a weekend break in an original destination.

Criss-crossed by the Danube and rich in green oases, it is a modern yet people-friendly city characterised by an exceptional creative and cultural ferment, thanks to which it earned the title of European Capital of Culture in 2009.

Tourists admire its vitality, original attractions, green walks and the mouth-watering Linzer torte to be sampled in an elegant café in the centre.

In the evening, when the futuristic buildings are spectacularly illuminated and reflected in the waters of the Danube, the images of an industrial Linz disappear from the memory and only the enchantment of a vital and energetic city remains.

Things to do in Linz

Linz gives you the choice between projecting yourself into the future by visiting super-technological attractions or wandering aimlessly through the picturesque streets of the old town – we recommend doing both!

Ars Electronica Centre

The tourist gem of Linz is theArs Electronica Centre, an innovative interactive museum and cultural centre dedicated to digital art and technology in general: a place of exploration, but also experimentation and discovery, where the present is investigated in order to anticipate future trends.

The museum hosts a permanent exhibition divided into four laboratories(BrainLab, BioLab, FanLab and VRLab) where you can see, touch and experience for yourself; it also organises temporary exhibitions, workshops and events.

Discovering how your brain perceives its surroundings and responds to stimuli, having fun analysing DNA and cloning plants, immersing yourself in virtual reality or having your voice recognised by Paro, the robotic baby seal used for therapeutic purposes, are just some of the amazing experiences bordering on science fiction that you can enjoy when visiting the Ars Electronica Centre in Linz.

The futuristic building along the Danube that houses the museum is one of the symbols of Linz: in the evening it is completely illuminated and its image reflected in the waters of the river is particularly striking. The ideal subject for exceptional night photos!


Lentos Art Museum with the Old and New Cathedrals in the background © Österreich Werbung, Photo: Volker Preusser

The other ultra-modern building that colours the Linz night is the home of the Lentos Kunstmuseum, a museum of modern and contemporary art that opened in 2003 and organises world-class temporary exhibitions.

The building itself is an extraordinary piece of architecture. To find out more about its features, its location and the thinking that inspired Austrian architects Weber and Hofer, you can join a guided group tour.

Another good reason to visit Lentos is to have a coffee on the terrace of the café-restaurant on the ground floor; if it gets too cold, you can stay inside and still enjoy the sunshine: the building is flooded with natural light!

Other attractions of modern Linz

A link between tradition and innovation is Musiktheater am Volksgarten, Europe’s most modern opera house, which opened in Linz in 2013. It is a theatre that is characterised by a very high level of comfort, impeccable acoustics and state-of-the-art stage technology that allows complex and highly spectacular productions to be brought to the stage.

How is steel produced? What are the most modern technologies used in its production? Find out by visiting the unique interactive museum Voestalpine Stahlwelt, which also includes a historical section.

The attractions of the historic city of Linz

After visiting the exciting attractions of modern Linz, spend some time in the more romantic and nostalgic part of the city.

Start your exploration of the Aldstadt, the city’s historic centre, from the central Hauptplatz, a huge square flanked by elegant Baroque and Renaissance palaces and dominated by the imposing Trinity Column. From the square, take Landstrasse, the city centre’s main street, ideal for an urban stroll and some shopping.

The city’s churches include the Neuer Dom, the majestic neo-Gothic cathedral built in the mid-19th century. The splendid stained glass windows illustrate significant moments in the city’s history.

Linz, like seemingly every Austrian city, also has its own beautiful castle on top of a hill. It is a wonderful vantage point and home to the Schlossmuseum, with collections of art, archaeology, folklore, historical weapons and musical instruments.

Landscape attractions

The city’s green oasis is the Donaulaende, the beautiful park along the banks of the Danube, perfect for walks, naps and picnics.

For easy walks, you can also climb the Pöstlingberg, more simply known as the ‘Linz mountain’, at the top of which you will find the inevitable viewing terrace, a basilica, a zoo and children’s attractions.

Curiosity: the Linzer Torte, a Linz speciality

The typical cake of Linz is the Linzer Torte, a tart traditionally baked on festive occasions.

It is considered the oldest cake in the world: historical documents testify to the existence of the recipe already in the 17th century. Already at that time, the cake was prepared according to four different recipes, but all of them included the use of almonds.

Where to stay in Linz

The fact that Linz is a future-oriented city is also evident from the hotels in the city, many of which are very modern and comfortable.

Linz is also an important commercial centre and this has meant that there are many international chain hotels in the city, preferred by business travellers and those who want to be sure of high quality standards.

If you prefer to sleep in smaller, more traditional establishments you will have less choice, but it won’t be impossible to find something to your taste.

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How to get to Linz

The most convenient and well-connected airport to get to Linz is Vienna Airport, which is 200 km away. Salzburg Airport is closer, about 140km, but the connections are much less.

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